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    Zone Service Only, No Domain, Never Received any Email, Zone Expires May 30, 202


      So I logged into my account for the first time in quite a while. My DNS entries rarely change.


      Was greeted with the message about domains being transferred to name.com and the fact that supposedly everyone was notified. Well, I received zero emails from dyn.com or name.com. Yes, I also checked my spam folder.


      What is confusing me is the wording of "domains" being transferred to name.com. What about us that do not have any domains and are only using zone services? I have looked through all the faq's and stuff and it only mentions domains.


      Was Oracle just going to shut down our zones without any warning so we lose everything? I honestly wouldn't put it past them with the way they treated Sun customers by locking up all the firmware updates for profit after that purchase.