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    Upgrade from to 19c getting error with catconExec


      catcon: See preupgrade_fixups*.log files for output generated by scripts

      catcon: See preupgrade_fixups_*.lst files for spool files, if any

      validate_script_path: supposed sqlplus script /home/oracle/preup_ts27db1 is not a regular file

      catconExec: empty Path returned by validate_script_path for

          SrcDir = 0, FileName = /home/oracle/preup_ts27db1

      catcon.pl: Unexpected error encountered in catconExec; exiting

      exec_DB_script: preupgrade_fixups_catcon_30496_exec_DB_script.done did not need to be deleted before running a script

      exec_DB_script: opened Reader and Writer

      exec_DB_script: executed connect / AS SYSDBA


      exec_DB_script: executed set echo on


      exec_DB_script: executed @@preupgrade_fixups_catcon_kill_sess_30496_ALL.sql


      exec_DB_script: sent

      host sqlplus -v > preupgrade_fixups_catcon_30496_exec_DB_script.done to Writer

      exec_DB_script: sent -exit- to Writer

      exec_DB_script: closed Writer

      exec_DB_script: marker was undefined; read and ignore output, if any

      exec_DB_script: finished reading and ignoring output

      exec_DB_script: waiting for child process to exit

      exec_DB_script: child process exited

      sureunlink: unlink(preupgrade_fixups_catcon_30496_exec_DB_script.done) succeeded after 1 attempt(s)

      sureunlink: verify that the file really no longer exists

      sureunlink: confirmed that preupgrade_fixups_catcon_30496_exec_DB_script.done no longer exists after 1 attempts

      exec_DB_script: deleted preupgrade_fixups_catcon_30496_exec_DB_script.done after running a script

      exec_DB_script: closed Reader

      exec_DB_script: waitpid returned


      Can this error be ignored ?  Any suggestions?