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    Cloning R12.2.4 to R12.2.9



      Is it possible :

      Cloning R12.2.4 to R12.2.9



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          Maaz Khan

          Hi happy,


          This is not possible. You can only clone using rapidclone with same versions on source and destination.

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            Like Maaz said, it's not possible.  When you clone, you copy the database, database home , apps tier files to the new target.  How would it even be cloned to a new version? You are cloning your current version.  Then you upgrade that clone.


            You can clone and then upgrade.  You can also , which we did one time when upgrading.  Save the upgraded apps tier and then apply the database drivers to the database, but again, that is upgrading , you have to already have cloned to do that and you are still applying patches, it just goes faster because the apps tier is already there and you are updating the database.  There is a note to do the upgrade in stages.  I think the process is called staged appl_top.  But again, you have to clone first then upgrade.