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      I know this question was asked a few times, but I have no idea what can be wrong.

      I cant make mouse integration to work, upon restart it does indicate


      This is Linux 6.9 with kernel 3.8.13-118.43.1.eluek.x86_64, Win 10 host, i installed GA using VBoxGuestAdditions.iso which came with the software installation.

      I did use --nox11 flag:

      The installer log file:

      Though there are a couple of setup files which still do complain about the X.Org not in place:


      Once restarted I have


      So my question is - was the GA installed, and if it was how do I enable pointer integration?



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          Mouse integration means the virtual machine will automatically capture and release the mouse pointer. It primarily applies to GUI mode, however, you are using the text console.


          I suggest you shutdown the virtual machine, go into the machine settings and set the mouse pointer to USB Tablet.

          In that mode you don't really need mouse integration and it simply works.


          Please note that there is a VirtualBox forum.

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            Ok, got it, thanks!