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    Project Management: Error INVALID_KEY_OR_REF invalid resource reference


      Dear all,


      I'm setting up projects on a new instance; I've installed the following bundles:

      • Project Task Manager #241945
      • Resource Allocation Chart/Grid #38321
      • Resource Allocations Custom Approval #42036
      • Resource Skills Sets #36477
      • Project Resource Management #164289

      I have created Employees and Vendors, both marked as project resources, and created Generic Resources. On Projects, only Generic Resources are assigned - no resources.


      When I use the Project Task Manager tool to allocated actual resources (employee / vendor) to a task, I properly get the popup and the list of resources. Upon saving the popup, I get the following error:

           Error occured in saving assignment

           System Error: INVALID_KEY_OR_REF : invalid resource reference key X

      where X is the employee internal ID or vendor internal ID


      Has anyone seen this before, any idea what I'm missing? Thanks!!!