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    Has anyone been able to add additional auto-sort criteria in grid view?


      Unifier 19+

      Issue: Line Item Log View vs. Grid View

      When switching from Log View to Grid View, the data does not match the sort criteria specified in the BP detail log.  Unifier sorts the data in Grid View based on the [li_num] system generated line number.

      In this case, line items are imported from two (various) records in another BP.  Each line item has a Type status and the resulting data in Log view sorts on the 'Type' (as specified in the BP item logs.) However, when switching to Grid view, Unifier autosorts only by the line item number.

      The client is aware of the filtering options in grid view but would prefer the data automatically sorted identically to the log view. 

      Any information on this topic would be useful.  I have inquired with Oracle, but was told that the functionality already exists, however I don't think the issue was clearly understood.