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    Issue running the CLI using the jmxTools.jar when SSL is enabled

    Vaishnavi Parthasarathy-Oracle

      I have setup EDQ( on Windows weblogic. I have enabled SSL on the AdminServer.

      When I try to run the runjob specifying the sslprops it fails with the below error

      "Error looking up system remote interface in registry: non-JRMP server at remote endpoint (Code: 7,052)"


      The command I used:

      java -jar jmxtools.jar runjob -project RSE -job End-End  -u weblogic -p password1 -sslprops D:\EDQ\SSL\ssl.properties (7002 is the https port..)


      Entries in my ssl.properties file:


      ssl.km.keystore = D:\EDQ\SSL\vapartha.jks

      ssl.km.storetype = jks

      ssl.km.storepw = XXXXXXX

      ssl.km.alias = localhost

      ssl.km.keypw = XXXXX

      ssl.clientauth = required

      ssl.tm.keystore = D:\EDQ\SSL\truststore.jks

      ssl.tm.storetype = jks

      ssl.tm.storepw = XXXXXXX


      Entries in my director.properties:

      management.ssl.port = 7002



      management.ssl.km.keystore = D:\EDQ\SSL\vapartha.jks

      management.ssl.km.storetype = jks

      management.ssl.km.storepw = XXXXXX

      management.ssl.km.alias = localhost

      management.ssl.km.keypw = XXXXX

      management.ssl.clientauth = required

      management.ssl.tm.keystore = D:\EDQ\SSL\truststore.jks

      management.ssl.tm.storetype = jks

      management.ssl.tm.storepw = XXXXXX



      I am able to run the jobs when I use the Http port though. Any suggestions on what could be wrong ?