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    OL8.1 on VBox 6.0 (W8.1 host) - Installation Source - Local Media option missing


      I'm trying to install Oracle Linux 8.1 on VirtualBox 6.1 virual machine.

      Steps I took:

      Step 1 - Download ISOs from Oracle SDN with DLM

      So here I have the first question: what are those ISOs? Why it isn't a single one?


      Step 2 - Create VM and insert ISO

      With trial and error I found which one to use to boot into setup - it's V984215-01.iso


      Step 3 - Trying to actually install Oracle Linux 8.1 and getting the error

      So here's where I'm stuck. For some reason "Loical Media" installation source is missing.




      1. What I did wrong?
      2. How to fix?