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    ORDS Post - Duplicates

    Balamurugan Natarajan

      Dear ORDS Experts,


      APEX : 19.2

      ORDS : 19.2


      I am using RESTful services of APEX to create a POST method API.

      When a data is posted, The body is inserted into a blob column of Table A. - Works fine.


          INSERT INTO table A(request_code, post_obj ) VALUES ('OSTATUS', :body)   returning request_id into :request_id;



      In the SQL Workshop of APEX, I navigated to Table A and enabled the auto rest feature.

      In the meantime, I dropped the table A and recreated Table A as I had an issue with the structure of the Table.

      Qn 1 : Will the Auto REST feature enabled be retained or deleted as well ?


      If I now go the object browser of the table A, I see the REST Enable Object is set to "No" - As expected and correct.


      But now when a POST method is initiated,

      Qn2: Two records are inserted as against to only one -- confused how ?

      One through the API created before, where the body of the post call is inserted into the blob column.

      Second record is null. -- Could this be due to the Auto REST enable prior ?


      Q3 Is there a query where I can identify the API(s) against a particular table. ?


      Your input is highly appreciated.