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    Unable to login into oudsm

    Girish Sunkara

      I am working configuring SSO for ebs 12.2.6. As part of it I am using fmw components. The oudsm portal is giving following error but ldapsearch in OS level is working, DIP is up in EM console and the managed server  & directory server are running. The OUD is configured in collocated mode.


      Directory server version:


      oudsm console,



      OS level search,



      OUD status output,


                --- Server Status ---

      Server Run Status:        Started

      Open Connections:         5



                --- Server Details ---

      Host Name:                ebs-oam.oracle.com

      Administrative Users:     cn=Directory Manager

      Installation Path:        /u01/FMW/oud

      Instance Path:            /u01/FMW/asinst_1/OUD

      Version:                  Oracle Unified Directory

      Java Version:             1.8.0_241

      Administration Connector: Port 4444 (LDAPS)


                --- Connection Handlers ---

      Address:Port : Protocol    : State


      --           : LDIF        : Disabled

      8989         : Replication : Enabled  : SNMP        : Disabled  : LDAPS       : Disabled : LDAP        : Enabled : JMX         : Disabled

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          Bhanuchandar Bobbili


          1. Run this command & check if you can get any results :  ./dsconfig --advanced -h hostname -p 4444 -D "cn=Directory Manager" -j <Password_File_Location> get-connection-handler-prop --handler-name "LDAPS Connection Handler"
          2. Go to logs folder & check admin, admin.log files for errors. ( post here)
          3. When you connect form OUDSM, do you atleast see the certificate exposed or is it just throwing the above error you posted?


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