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    Does Application Snapshot include all levels of data




      As we design and formalize our backup and restore options in HFM 11.2 we wanted to confirm if the Application Snapshot includes all data (including consolidated ) or only base level data.


      Since while restoring we would have to restore all levels, since the prior periods are locked and with metadata movement we cannot afford to reconsolidate the data.


      So knowing what Application Snapshot provides would drive our design.

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          I would never recommend using the Application Snapshot for any reason at all. Performance is horrible on both the export and import. If you want a reliable backup/restore strategy I highly recommend a process of either backing up at the RDBMS level (which everyone should do daily, but some companies do more often), or backing up at the virtual server level.


          HFM stores base and parent level entity data in the database, but only base level data in the Account, ICP, and custom dimensions. Value dimension members that do not have "Total" in their names are also stored in the database.


          I also advise against any design that disallows data for any period to be reconsolidated. If you want to preserve the entity hierarchies as they were, you should use OrgByPeriod. Do not move entities from one parent to another without consolidating all affected hierarchies, years, periods, and scenarios. Such an approach would prevent you from ever redesigning or restructuring the application because there is no way you could ever come back to the locked results in the current application.


          - chris

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            Thanks for the feedback - we do have daily db backups

            Yes we did notice the Application Snapshot is taking a while to export and import. Was just curious if we needed to restore say - reports or grids or just metadata, then instead of doing a db restore could we leverage LCM?



            You are right - we should have incorporated OrgByPeriod , am not sure how easy is that setup going to be with preserving 10 years worth of historical data without affecting them.