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    Add data into both the Master and Detail tables in as single submit?


      Hello All,


      I am using a master-detail form, PURCHASE_ORDER -- master table, and PO_DETAILS -- detail table, linked by PO_ID = PO_ID_FK.


      Now I want to create a new PO along with po_details in a single submission


      purchase order on top, po details on the bottom as shown in the below pic...


      But when i submit this form it is giving error that PO_ID_FK should not be null, i tried creating a computation before page header and next after page header both resulted in an error with "Create" or "Save" button respectively. One is "SQL Insert" the other is "SQL Update"


      I computed PO_ID from its sequence and tried putting it into PO_ID_FK, but no use. After submission form validation says "PO_ID_FK should not be null".


      Is there any way we can put the calculated PO_ID into PO_ID_FK before form validation?



      Thanks and regards,


      Pratap N