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    Connection from SQL Developer to Oracle Cloud keeps shutting down

    Juergen R

      Dear Community,


      I am new here, now one month into the oracle-world. I managed to get an oracle cloud instance setup from my company as well as setting up my own private one. On both I installed Oracle 19c with the hr-schema, which took a while, but I'm getting around.


      I also successfully connected SQL Developer (via Oracle Connections and via a SSH Host) to the databases twice (once from my work-computer, once from my private one). As a preparation for an Oracle Certification I am trying some queries on the database, unfortunately after a few successful queries the connection keeps shutting down at random times when a query is executed, with one of the following error messages:



      I then try to reconnect by right-clicking the Oracle Connection and selecting "Reconnect", which works most of the time:


      Sometimes the connection is refused, giving me the well-known error message with Vendor code 17002:


      Sometimes when executing a query the connection gets an automatic reconnect and then the server refused message appears, as seen here:


      The connection keeps shutting down after a random period of time and a random amount of successful queries. Sometimes the connection was still working after lunch break, sometimes it keeps shutting down immediately.

      This happened on every possible setup I have (company Laptop - company cloud, company Laptop - private cloud, private Laptop - company cloud and private Laptop - private cloud).

      I tried it with two different internet connections and with the Windows Firewall shut down.

      My Laptops are both Win10 with the latest Version and

      the cloud instances are both Oracle-Linux-7.7-2020.02.21-0 machines with (as said before) Oracle 19c installations.

      I am connecting with the "hr" user which I specified when I manually ran the script for the creation of the hr database, but I had the same problems with the SYS users for the container and the pluggable database.

      In both instances I have installed the Oracle Installation without a database, because I applied the newest patch (p30463595) after the installation first and then ran the dbca creating the container (orcl) and one pluggable database (pdb1 with hr-schema)


      If necessary I can provide any information, maybe I need to ask how to get the information though.


      Maybe somebody can help me or point me to what I am doing wrong. I do think it might be some load-timer or something, but since the queries before the connection shutdown are working I am now out of ideas. I believe the database and the listeners are set up correctly since the connection does work before the connection shutdown from the server.


      Thank you very much, best regards,