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    Guest facing

    Barbara Caspersz

      Hi all,


      For a prospect I would like to set up a kind of 'guest facing journey' to make our Opera PMS as attractive as possible.

      For example, via a mobile device a reservation can be made, revised, upgraded, etc.

      A welcome mail is sent, including what to do during their stay as the weather is such and so.

      Digital registration card.

      By a mobile phone, the door lock can be opened.



      Does a sort of drawing/video/anything exist we can share with interested parties?

      For the above I can think of Zaplox and Samsotech, just because I know them but any input will be highly appreciated!


      Thanks in advance and stay healthy!


      Regards, Barbara Caspersz

      PMS Account Manager Van Hessen BV

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          Eva Lund-Oracle

          Hi Barbara!

          Sorry for the late reply.

          Firstly, i assume you are referring to Opera Cloud?

          There is a library of videos available on Youtube, that would give you some glimpses of these processes. Although i like your idea, there is no video exacly showing all those steps, but perhaps you can dig out and select what makes sense for you? See here: https://www.youtube.com/user/OracleLearning/search?query=hospitality

          Furthermore, there is this image below that explains the many platforms in use during a guest journey and where Oracle Hospitality solutions can help.

          Check it out on this link: https://www.oracle.com/webfolder/s/assets/digibook/process-map/hotels.html , it is interactive.

          Opera Cloud can be setup for e-signature as well, so you don't necesssarily need a 3rd party for that.

          For the keys, I'm sure you are familiar with this link with certified partners, https://docs.oracle.com/cd/F18689_01/doc.193/f23596.pdf , but nevertheless, this is where we can see which Key Service Providers we can interface to.

          Check out Aeroguest as well, they offer the same type of mobility.


          I hope this helps, otherwise feel free to reach out again, and next time i will reply quicker - promise!

          Kind regards


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            Barbara Caspersz

            Hi Eva,


            Thank you for your extensive reply, however the question was for Opera, not Opera Cloud.

            Good to have the solutions for OC but would you have advise on Opera as well please?


            Thanks in advance and regards!



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              Eva Lund-Oracle

              Hi Barbara,


              The Process Map can work for either PMS, but then it's up to you to add in those details of where in the process you send a welcome email or sign the reg card.

              Hotel Mobile for Opera 5 allows for electronic signature of reg cards, so might be worth looking at this app as an addition.

              For your next oppty, open an engagement and i can help you to "design" a gueest journey that fits for your thought example.


              Kind regards