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    FRM-92101 connectivity issues with remote workforce now


      We run a pretty basic EBS R12.1.3 environment here, db on one tier and app on the other, non-rac no load balancer all on RH Linux.


      Now that we have a lot of staff working from home using VPN or Citrix/RDP connections we are starting to have people report issues of being disconnected and I'm just wondering if anyone else is seeing similar stuff and if there are any web-tier configuration values I could look at to see if they need a bigger timeout value for example.  It does seem to be the VPN clients that have the problem which makes sense.


      I mean everything was good when working at the office but now most people are working from home so a lot harder to manage the multitude of setups.


      Most of the errors are FRM-92101 and it says look into the web-server log for details which I find to be pretty generic.  What log files would I look at specifically?


      Any other feedback on this topic appreciated.  Just thought it might be common in the community now.