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    DynDNS Minimum Interval time


      What is the minimum interval time? I mean, the minimum time that can be configured at witch the IP address is updated. Seems it is fixed to 10 min and I can not change that value. I would like to change it to 1 minute. Feasible?

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          The Dyn update API defines a minimum of 10 minutes as interval to not overload checkip.dyndns.org.

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            Thanks for the answer.

            I would need it to be "faster". I have checked NoIP has a minimum interval of 5 minutes. Do you know another dynamic DNS provider that can support 1 or 2 minutes interval?

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              I do not know off-hand and would have to research at the providers' websites.


              But I have the following hint for you.  What update client are you using?  If you configure the DDNS update client built-in in your router, then an interval does not take effect, because the router "knows" in real-time when the IP address changes and does not need to double-check against a site like checkip.dyndns.org  You have an interval of 0 seconds then.  This should ideally fit your needs.