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    Points for correct answer awarded twice


      Hello there,


      please check this thread:

      Re: unable to parse xml document


      I got awarded 100 Points for correct answer twice:

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          Did you actually get 200 points overall, or just 100 points.

          The problem with the "Reputation" tab in your profile is that it is like an audit trail, so if someone marks your answer correct, that is recorded on your reputation.  If they then unmark it as correct, the 100 points should be deducted, but that is NOT shown on your reputation, but then if they mark your answer (or another of yours on the same thread) as correct, you will then get the 100 points back and the reputation will show another audit to show you were awarded it.

          Ideally it would be good if the reputation trail just removed the entry from itself if the action was reversed.... but alas it doesn't.

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            Did you actually get 200 points overall, or just 100 points.

            I'm pretty sure that my points went up by 200 yesterday and I had no other correct or helpful answers this day.

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              Andris Perkons-Oracle

              I think the decuction part does not work. I've seen this once where I got a correct answer and then the OP later changed their mind and unmarked the answer. I still got to keep the points: Phantom points?

              Should be easy to reproduce.



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                Timo Hahn

                In this case, it's something for Jim Finch-Oracle to look into.



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                  Jim Finch-Oracle

                  And sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, it depends on the part of the site you're on.


                  It's a known bug and not something we can't fix at this time. If anyone really needs the points deducted, please contact me via dm and I'll do it by hand.





                  System Admin

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                    Thanks for your offer Jim, but nevermind.

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                      It is possible to add and remove points on a per user basis manually?!


                      As I recall from a previous discussion several years ago, community management at the time stated that points cannot be manipulated on an individual basis. I found that a legitimate requirement at the time. Are points now subject to whoever complains? Is this some April's fools joke?

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                        Jim Finch-Oracle

                        There has always been a way to add/remove points in the gamification system by hand.


                        I've always said contact me if your point balance was off and I'll see what I can do.


                        It is a difficult process in the gamification system and right now, we prefer to use the bug fix badges to handle adding points to accounts when the situation calls for it.


                        We do not do this on a mass level (adding or subtracting 240 bajillion points to everyone) and the member must provide documentation of what the problem is.


                        As far as removing points. If someone requests that we remove points from their own account due to an error (in this case, someone unmarks them helpful and the system didn't subtract the points), I can do that on a case by case basis should that user request it. The system is setup to handle that unusual request (it's that same difficult process); not that I'd think anyone would ever want us to do that... but we can comply if the need arises.


                        Again, to make it clear, we would never act if someone requests adding or removing points from someone else's account just from a forum post.





                        System Admin

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                          I suppose it's a matter of principles. I suggest to let the system decide for the better or worse. Adjusting points upon personal request and evaluation by the system admin is well-meant, but arguably not the most professional option. People have no reliable way to verify what is happening, and there is no point insisting on points regardless. Let's not add insult to injury.


                          The platform was hopefully working correctly in the past, before merging with more communities and configuring fancy gamification features. Perhaps there is a bug, but perhaps the platform has reached its technical design and capacity limits. A lot seems to speak for the later since gamification isn't the only problem, but also notifications, and other functions are not operating reliably.


                          Like I mentioned before, I prefer a less fancy setup that is more transparent and reliable, and providing a more reasonable level of reputation. I find that social engineering and playing Santa Claus does not produce good results and is generally ill-advised. To make participation a positive experience, I suggest reconsidering all the fancy options. As far as I'm aware, points for helpful and correct answers are all that matters, anything else is noise. And who knows, simplifying gamification may also fix other pressing troubles.

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                            Jim Finch-Oracle

                            As always, I may not agree with your points, I thank you for expressing them and continuing to chose to take part as a member of our community.


                            While we are continuing with our audit of the gamification system and fixing bugs as we find them, we have no plans to remove functionality from the system.


                            We will also continue to work with our members to find the best resolutions to problems arising from the current (admittedly buggy) gamification system.





                            System Admin