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    Unable to run datamodel uploadrpd in OAS. It was working in OBIEE


      We are using OBIEE for a few years in our product. Recently, I have installed Oracle Analytics Server 5.5.0. on a clean host running Linux CentOS 7 64 bit.

      I am having trouble running the same RPD flow in OAS as we do in OBIEE. Specifically, the RPD upload through datamodel.sh uploadrpd fails. I am running this command directly on the OBIEE server.


      $ datamodel.sh uploadrpd -I /tmp/rpd/test.rpd -SI ssi  -U weblogic


      RPD Password:

      Post uploadrpd REST with url: null/v1/si/ssi/rpd/uploadrpd

      An unknown exception occurred: URI is not absolute


      I could not find any documentation specific to OAS. The "-H" parameter doesn't show any new relevant options for the command as compared with OBIEE Any suggestions to make it work?