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    Multiple weblogic/ORDS installs pointing to the same Apex/DB - possible?


      Hi all,


      I have found some hits on connecting a single ORDS listener to several databases. But my question is the opposite - multiple ORDS listeners to the same Apex/DB.


      DEV for now, part of a bigger upgrade plan.

      Machine A: Linux, DB12.1, Apex 5.01 (will eventually upgrade to DB19, Apex19.4)

      Machine B: Windows 2008, Weblogic 10, OAM+OHS 11, ORDS 3.01


      The idea is to upgrade Machine B to current versions. But this won't be an in-place upgrade, rather a whole new separate setup. We have created a separate machine as

      Machine C: Windows 2016, Weblogic+OAM+OHS

      Next step is to add ORDS 19.4.


      Is it possible to install and configure ORDS 19.4 on Machine C, but still point to the same DB/Apex on Machine A, like Machine B is doing? AND have both Machine B and C as valid entry points into Apex on Machine A?

      I am nervous about compatibility issues of ORDS 3 and ORDS 19.4 schemas/objects living in the DB and maybe clashing.


      What is the recommendation?


      Many thanks