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      Dear all,

      I've a problem concerning tuxedo services. I try to explain: we have an application that manage the exchange of various electronic messages.

      Each message has its personal tuxedo service, that process it and all the services are developed in C Language.

      Almost all the services work properly, but sometimes the most stressed services freeze up, and we get the following error: "LIBTUX_CAT:1477: ERROR: .SysServerDied:"


      After restarting the service, the same message that freeze up during execution, is correctly processed.

      Checking the ULOG, we have seen that very frequently the program freezes during the execution of a stupid query (SELECT COUNT(*) from <TABLE> where sysdate between <BEGIN_DATE> and <END_DATE>. I'd like to remark that the table has no more than 200 records).

      Can anyone provide us some idea concerning what's the problem?


      Thank you

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          Please attach any additional information that are in ULOG file. Use your operating system method to see what your process is doing (for example procstack on aix in a loop with some sleep time in between) and your database way to see if you have some locks on your <TABLE> - perhaps you are doing full table scan and have some records locked?. Do you have core file generated? Maybe tuxedo is killing your server because of service timeout caused by database locks?

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            Hello Alundra,


               Can you add the ULOG file and ubbconfig?. The server's dead. Do you have any timeouts set up?. It is possible that the query will take a long time and tuxedo is restarting the server by exceeding the configured timeout