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    Loading Supplier Details to Oracle SAAS through OIC




      We have developed an OIC integration which will load Supplier csv files(Supplier, Supplier Address, Supplier Sites, Supplier Site Assignment, Contacts) to Oracle SAAS. The integration will load all the csv files along with job.properties file to SAAS sequentially in the below order.


      2.Supplier Address

      3.Supplier Sites

      4.Supplier Site Assignment

      5.Supplier Contacts

      We have used Oracle ERP adapter(Import Bulk Data to ERP) to upload data. The files are loaded to interface table in the above mentioned sequence.


      Issue- Whichever interface job is getting completed first for the any of the above mentioned supplier file will invoke the base table job before others.

      e.g- If supplier Sites Interface table job gets completed first it will invoke the Base table job (Import Supplier Sites)before Import Supplier, Import Supplier Addresses which will result in failure as the Supplier won't exist in SAAS.


      How can we ensure that all the base jobs get triggered in the above sequence ?


      Thanks in advance.



      Deepak Rawat