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    How to increase the request header size for ORDS in standalone


      We are running ORDS in standalone mode (with self signed certificate for HTTPS), but the requests are coming from a sign-on service which injects some big cookies in the request header.

      Thus in ORDS we are getting "Header is too large 8193>8192" and error 431 from Jetty.

      There are solutions described for different Jetty configurations that involve standalone/etc/jetty-http.xml file and various contents in it.

      Looking at the Jetty docs, we tried with the following in this file:

      <Configure id="httpConfig" class="org.eclipse.jetty.server.HttpConfiguration">

         <Set name="requestHeaderSize">32768</Set>


      Thus, trying to increase the value 4 times above the default for Jetty - 8kb. But that does not impact ORDS/Jetty behavior.

      Actually we have tried solution for NCSA style logging and it works. Now we need to incorporate also a setting for increased header size.