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    EBS 12.2  Storage Allocation


      EBS 12.2

      11g, 12c





      Hi ALL,


      We have EBS Database using  ASM  or RAC.


      As you will know  ASM or RAC storage can not be seen in  command  df -h   because they are hidden raw device.


      Which linux command can show the total allocated disk in our database server?


      Is it  lsblk or   fdisk -l  or any others command that easy to show total disk allocations?




      FDISK -L


      Why do we have so many  /dev/ram  disks?  of size 16Mb?


      How do I tally the output of   "lsblk"  vs  "fdisk -l"?


      Please help how to get total size of our database disks.



      Kind regards,