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    Bundle - NetSuite


      Hi, good day!


      A question, does anyone know if it exists or how a bundle can be created to be able to pass all my configuration from the Sandbox environment to the Production environment?

      And in case if you can, do you know if that bundle could also include all the information that I have uploaded to the Sandbox environment, for example the chart of accounts, clients and so on?



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          Good day!


          From your sandbox environment, you may create a bundle that contains your configurations.

          Then using your production environment, search for the bundle that you have created then install accordingly.


          Here are the steps to follow to create the custom bundle.


          1. Navigate to Customization > SuiteBundler > Create Bundle.
          2. Fill out the required fields and check the Configuration Bundle checkbox.
          3. Click Next to set the bundle properties
          4. Click Next to select the objects
          5. Save

          Let me know if this helps.


          Thank you.