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    JDE Leadtime Rollup Inputs Questions


      Hi everyone,


      Version: JDE Enterprise One


      I am looking into rolling out JDE Leadtime Rollup program that is found within the Plant Manufacturing Data program. Specifically I am looking to calculate Level Lead Time which is shown as using the formula/inputs as seen below (also linked).


      I pulled all of these variables out and tried to manually recreate what the Leadtime Rollup program calculated but my values aren't even close to what the program calculates. I am confident I have recreated the formula as seen below correctly so I believe this may be a problem of using the wrong inputs.


      My question is does anyone know which tables/where each of these variables are being pulled from? For example for the Time Basis Code, does it pull from the Routing Master (F3003) or Branch Master?


      SUMSum of all operations
      M or LEither machine or labor hours based on the prime load code
      E or MNumber of employees or machines in the work center
      EF or UTEfficiency or Utilization from the work center
      Cum Yield %From the Routing Master (F3003)
      MLQManufacturing lead time quantity
      TIMBTime basis
      SetupSetup time from the Routing Master (F3003)
      Total Queue & MoveQueue plus Move time from routing master or work center



      Thanks in advance!