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    How can I use mysqlbackup to restore a database with another database name?




      I have the following script to backup my database (mysql5.7) with MysqlBackup,


      but I don't found how can I restore with the file generated in another database name


      /opt/mysql/meb-4.1/bin/mysqlbackup  \

      --defaults-file=/etc/my.cnf   \


      --compress   \

      --compress-level=5  \

      -u$USER  \

      -p$PASS  \

      --backup-dir=/tmp/mysql/$FECHA  \

      --backup-image=$DIR_BKP/$FECHA/uyancapuntos_$FECHA.mbi  \

      --socket=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock  \

      --key-file=/opt/mysql/meb-4.1/bin/keyfile  \




      Could someone help me with this?


      best regards,