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    Adding history into the PeopleSoft Fluid Back Button History


      Hi there,


      This is the navigation structure that I have:


      Student Home Page

         Student Finance

             Menu Item 1

             Menu Item 2

             Menu Item 3



      However, when I deep link into one of the menu items, the back button is pointing at Student Home Page

      I would like to change that to Student Finance.


      I know about SetTransferAttriributes but that is not applicable in this scenario (you;ll have to believe me on that one).


      My question therefore is only how can I insert history into the Back button?


      I've been playing around with addtohistory



         AddOnLoadScript("AddToHistory('Sudent Finance','','','?????????????', 13,0);");


      But can't get that working as I'm not sure of the syntax and there are very few examples in the system.


      Kind regards,