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    require a report to have 1 quantity (IMEI number ) per line


      Hello ALL,



      1. X company is purchasing Mobile carts in bulk and they do not want to scan all the items that are purchased from Dealer, but they want to register IMEI number while they sell those items to the customers.
      2. They need to send one weekly report of all the mobile that they have sold to the dealer.


      We have tried below solution to achieve the goal but we are facing the issue to get the report in the format required by X compnay.


      Solution 1

      • We created all the items as normal inventory items.
      • We have created a customized field naming IMEI number (Free-form Text) Here they can scan the IMEI number while they are making the sales invoice.
      • The issue we face here is If customer has sold 10 mobile pieces then IMEI will come in one line for those 10 mobile, but the x company requires a report to have 1 quantity per line which we are not able to achieve as IMEI numbers are coming in 1 line.


      please let e know if there is any custom script to fill full the request.


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