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    Config Tomcat with ORDS to upload large size files and form max post size


      I have installed ORDS 19.4 and Tomcat 9.0.31. I have tried to config attributs in Tomcat, config server.xml. But they don't work, I obtain allways the same error when try with large file uploads or large data in form post

      500 Internal Server Error

      2020-04-22T14:19:57.081Z | 7pvIao-S13Az9uIPFD0omw


      InternalServerException [statusCode=500, reasons=[An unexpected error with the following message occurred: Stream ended unexpectedly]]

      at oracle.dbtools.http.errors.ServletResponseExceptionMapper.mapError(ServletResponseExceptionMapper.java:89)




      InternalServerException [statusCode=500, reasons=[]]

      at oracle.dbtools.apex.ModApexContext.handleError(ModApexContext.java:288)


      EXEC FAILED:ORA-06550: línea 2, columna 2:

      PLS-00306: número o tipos de argumentos erróneos al llamar a 'ACTUALITZA'

      ORA-06550: línea 2, columna 2:



      My tomcat configuration server.xml is:




                 port="443" maxThreads="150"

                 connectionTimeout="30000" disableUploadTimeout="false" connectionUploadTimeout="300000"

                 maxPostSize="-1" maxHeaderCount="-1" maxParameterCount="-1" maxSavePostSize="-1" maxHttpHeaderSize="20971520"


                 scheme="https" secure="true" SSLEnabled="true"

                 keystoreFile="mypath" keystorePass="mypass"

                 clientAuth="false" sslProtocol="TLS" />


      PLEASE HELP!!!!! I have done many test, anything works!