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    500 Internal Server Error displaying pdf, xls, and other content-type after migrating from mod_plsql to ORDS 18.4


      ORDS 18.4

      Tomcat 8.5.31

      openjdk version "1.8.0_242"


      Migrated from mod_plsql to ORDS 18.4 and one application fails to display various documents stored in the database.  With the following error:


      InternalServerException [statusCode=500, reasons=[An unexpected error with the following message occurred: application/pdf;]]

      at oracle.dbtools.http.errors.ServletResponseExceptionMapper.mapError(ServletResponseExceptionMapper.java:89)

      at oracle.dbtools.http.errors.ErrorPageRenderer.<init>(ErrorPageRenderer.java:43)


      It seems to be appending a semicolon to the Content-type:


      ==== Headers from Results ====

      Content-type: application/pdf;

      Content-Length: 144699


      I'm not sure why it's adding the semicolon and how I can get rid of it - assuming that is the issue.  Any help?