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    Where/how to view script to recreate global roles


      I'm new to SQL Developer. I'm using SQL Developer 19.2 with Oracle Database 19c.

      I'm creating Global Roles to be used with Active Directory.  I'm looking for the SQL to verify the roles I just created. 

      In the DBA navigator panel, I select Security, Roles, select the role, then select the SQL tab.


      The query I ran was

      create role ad_xxxxx identified globally as 'CN=ora_xxxxx_sg,OU=Oracle DB Auth,OU=Applications,OU=Security Groups,OU=Organization Directory,DC=yyyy,DC=zzz';


      The SQL tab shows



      Is there a setting somewhere that would display the full query that was run?  including any grants?

      I'd like a script I could copy to recreate the roles in another environment.