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    SQLDevelper won't show window on OSX Muliple Monitors


      Hi SQLDeveloper forums,


      I've always had this quirky issue using my Macbook Pro with multiple monitors at home at at work (both through DELL 6000 docking station). Today I tried the latest 19.4 download just in case it got fixed but its the same.


      If I have multiple displays active when I start the app it will not show any windows and will eventually crash as with below error report.


      Workaround: If I disconnect the external display and start SQLDeveloper it will run up, then I can connect the external display and move the window to it!


      Its just annoying to have to disconnect the display every time I reboot so I can start SQLDeveloper (I've started using the db tab in Intelij instead!), so I wanted to bring this issue to the SQLDevelopers attention.


      Any suggestions please let me know!


      Many Thanks

      Matt O'Connell


      Error Report text: