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    "However, you can force a ‘thick’ connection via your Oracle Client by using the –oci flag on your connect string." - Can I get an example please?


      This question is related to my original thread about why I cannot connect as sys/oracle using SQLcl. I can connect as regular users, which is a bit odd.




      I've been trying to connect to my Oracle Database server on local Windows 10 machine using the sys/oracle account. I can do this with little trouble using SQL*Plus but not SQLcl. I came across this information in the FAQ for SQLcl.


      "Does it require an Oracle Client?
      No. SQLcl is a java applications and by default uses Oracle’s JDBC driver to connect to Oracle Database. However, you can force a ‘thick’ connection via your Oracle Client by using the –oci flag on your connect string."


      I have tried launching SQLcl from my Windows command prompt like: SQLCL -oci. This doesn't seem to do anything really.

      I've tried a couple of different connection strings where I tried adding the -oci flag to the end. But I'm not sure about whether it has to be on the command-line of my operating system (Windows 10) before I even launch SQLcl or can it be at the end of the connect string once SQLcl is launched?


      Something like: sql sys/oracle@XEPDB1 as sysdba -oci


      I just haven't been able to make it work.


      Here is a new picture I took using the lsnrctl services command since I just realized that this program works on Windows 10 also.



      Here's a screenshot of my attempts to connect:



      Could somebody please explain what this means: "

      -oci        Set this to use an Oracle Instant Client installation.

                      If this option is set, then SQLcl will use the drivers

                      from the first Installation on the path."

      How do I check all possible drivers that are installed on my system?



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