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    ORDS 19.4 safe to use?

    R Hachem

      Hi all,


      I'm currently running ORDS 18.2. Planning an upgrade to 19.4 but I am concerned about the issues discussed in ORDS 19.4 is breaking

      Have those bugs been fixed and merged into a new version? I see that the 19.4 download page is dated Dec 20, 2019 so I assume no fixes have been issued since then.

      If I go with 19.4, do I need to create the index mentioned in the thread?


      Also, is there a current document that shows current known bugs in the latest release? It would be useful in terms of whether we should be upgrading or staying pat. My 18.2 is running fine and the last thing I want to do is upset the apple cart with a new version that introduces problems. I am planning to do this in our Dev and Test environments first but those environments don't mimic the load of production so I want to be sure that whatever I use is stable.




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          I normally update to the new versions of ORDS within days of them being released, but I could not upgrade to 19.4 due to the Java library issue mentioned in that thread.  I was receiving that error far too often to be acceptable so I have stuck with 19.2 for now.  I will definitely try 20.1 when it gets release which hopefully has a fix for the Java library issue.  Should be coming out soon since they normally release new versions of ORDS quarterly and there has not been a release for 2020 Q1 yet.

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            No 20.1 because of what's going on with the world.


            There will be a version 20.2 - targeted for June.

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