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    Loading Data into Oracle HCM Cloud Using Inbound Interface Delivery Option


      One of the major challenges consultants have faced over the last couple of years with respect to HCM Data Load is to automate the entire process of Downloading Data from the HCM Cloud Application,

      Making Transformation (Updates/Edits to them) and reloading the same back to the application using HCM Data Loader.

      Things are relatively easy if one is loading data from a legacy application to HCM Cloud as in most cases one has access to database where they can use pl/sql programs to first get data in HDL format and then

      use transformation technique to make changes to data and then upload the HDL file in Oracle HCM Cloud Application. Imagine, you are asked to do the entire activity in HCM Cloud itself. Meaning say your application is

      already gone live and then there is a requirement to say change the location of all employees in the system from Location A to Location B . One would need to create a new assignment record which would start

      one day after the most recent assignment record. In this scenario one would have to perform the following steps:


      1. Extract All Eligible Records in HDL format

      2. Make Changes to the record

      3. Upload the new record into application


      In this, example we would try to demonstrate the same. For simplicity sake we would only use one Worker Record (Person#898453 for this example) and just modify the value of one attribute say “WorkAtHomeFlag”. Which means if the value of “Work from Home” is No or Null the new record should have a value of Yes and if the value of Work from Home is Yes it should be changed to No.


      Check this step-by-step worked out example to learn how to accomplish this.


      Hope this will be useful.