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    Is the method to parse a filterobject exposed?


      I'm working with a group that has a large collection of packages that can be exposed via ORDS.

      Several (but not most) of these have requirements for search expressions that are more than 4000 characters and thus aren't really suitable for constructing URIs with that length.

      I believe the best alternative is to store the search specification for those calls as a bind parameter in the json body of a POST request.

      Given that most of our packages will be able to use the json filterobject defined in https://docs.oracle.com/en/database/oracle/oracle-rest-data-services/19.4/aelig/developing-REST-applications.html#GUID-0… in the URI of the request, it would be useful to be able to pass a filterobject document to ORDS and return the where clause that you're building in order to execute the query.