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    Looking for good examples of "Code Promotion" Word Doc/Templates for R12.2 Developers


      Hi, we are in the midst of our first round of testing on R12.2.9 (upgrading from R12.1.3). In a separate thread, I posted questions about customizations. Now that those have been answered, and we have educated our developers, and because now custom objects will be owned by APPS, both the DBA team (which I am on) and our development team is looking to implement a code promotion process, for any changes to R12.2.9. It looks like they will NOT be writing adop patches but they will be copying any files to both fs1 and fs2, and for any sql - they will have the password for APPS in TEST, and they will run their sql and document everything in the database.

      The DEV team used to have the custom schema passwords for PRD, but for R12.2.9 go live and beyond, that will changed. The editionable custom objects will be owned by apps, and only the apps dbas will have the APPS password and we will do whatever the developers did in tst.


      This was a lot of preamble but basically because the security model and db access is changing, we need to implement a strict code promotion process. So we need some kind of word doc or template that the DEV team can use to list out the sql scripts they ran, any grants they gave, maybe some background about what this customization is doing. Maybe this word doc would list any objects that have a code change, maybe it would even have versioning (eg. this is Update #1.01 to this custom object... As you can tell we are a small organization and even now code promotion has been fairly informal. Perhaps we even tell developers to zip up their code and store it in some directory on our server etc.

      Can anyone provide an example of a document you use like this, for your code promotions in R12.2.9? Have you run into similar issues going to R12.2.9 - that you need to formalize code promotion? What are some good best practices and things to have in this template - to avoid issues? Thanks!