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    Missing revision tag in repomd.xml on yum.oracle.com


      I've been looking into pulp (https://pulpproject.org/ ) as a replacement of Spacewalk for repository management. Spacewalk has been discontinued and won't get any fixes as of may 31st 2020 (https://spacewalkproject.github.io/ ) from RedHat. I don’t know if the community is developing Spacewalk 2.11 any further but it seams a dead end. Even SUSE has it's own fork now, https://www.uyuni-project.org/ .


      I'm trying to import the Oracle Repositories into Pulp but the supplied repomd.xml of each channel is missing the tag revision. Pulp errors out on this missing tag. It has fixes for empty tags but no missing tags. It seams that almost all other public RPM-repositories have this tag in repomd.xml.





      It seams that most repositories put in the unixtimestamp as value of the revision tag or the version of the OS.


      I didn’t find any revision-tag in the repomd.xml-files on yum.oracle.com. Could this be added to the repomd.xml-files by the team that is responsible for the repo-metadata?