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    Confused about replacing Dyn Standard DNS


      I am a long time DynDNS customer, and currently have a Dyn Standard DNS Zone.  I've always used the 'Dynamic' aspect of DynDNS, and am not sure when it became 'Standard', however Dynamic updating is still working for me.  I have the updater client, and it works fine, updating the A Records as needed.  In addition to the A record which I use to direct traffic to resources on my home network, I also have 2 TXT records in place so that my hotmail (now outlook or whatnot) email can be addressed using my custom domain email address.  So I noticed today that my renewal for this service was only $5, and is now only renewed for a month.  Further investigation shows this is because the Standard service is being retired.  There seems to be a little confusion about when it will be retired, but I see an official Oracle FAQ that says it is now May 31, 2022, so if that is true I have some time to figure this out.  I am guessing that I will have to do month to month billing though, as that seems to be the only option.  So my main question, what do I migrate to?  I need the Dynamic ability to update using the update client (or whatever similar is needed), but I also need the TXT record for email.  Looking at the documentation for DynDNS Pro, I'm not sure that it is full DNS, allowing the configuration of TXT records.  The other option seems to be the Oracle OCI DNS, but as far as I can tell, that would not support using the update client.  Any help sorting out these options would be much appreciated.


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          Hi dannylgreen,


          When the End of Life for Managed and Standard DNS products was announced last year as May 2020, we disabled annual renewals. At this time, we are only accepting renewals for our Standard DNS service on a monthly basis, however with the recent extension of this service, we are in the process of re-enabling the option to renew for longer terms.  Please watch your renewal options in the coming months for this update.


          With respect to DNS Pro, it is a separate service from Standard and is limited in functionality comparatively. It does not work with personally registered domains, nor does it allow you to add TXT records to it. Based on your use case it would not be recommended.


          OCI DNS at present does not feature dynamic DNS and does not work with the Dyn update client.



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            Thank you for your response.  Sounds like I am out of luck as it relates to getting the same functionality I have today, but at least I have a couple of years to make a change unless Oracle adds a service that is comparable.