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    Why svg <path> hover not getting triggered with JavaFX?


      I'm building a PyCharm plugin using Java 11 and the standalone JavaFX module.

      The plugin contains javafx.scene.web.WebView that loads its content from an HTML file. The HTML contains, beside standard HTML elements, SVG elements, such as <rect> and <path>.

      I'm facing a problem with the JavaFX WebView behavior - when I hover over a <path> element, the hover action is never get triggered, and neither do the hover styles. When I run the same code in Chrome, it works correctly. When I run using Java 8 with JavaFX, it works correctly too.


      Does JavaFX fully support SVG, and this is just a bug?

      Is there any workaround I can try to solve this problem?


      My build.gradle:

      plugins {

          id 'java'

          id 'org.jetbrains.intellij' version '0.4.5'

          id 'org.openjfx.javafxplugin' version '0.0.8'


      repositories {



      javafx {

          version = "11"



      JAVA Runtime version: 11.0.6+8-b765.25 x86_64