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      Primavera Cloud (formerly Prime Projects)

      • As part of our 2020 roadmap, Programs will be replacing Project Collections. Our goal is to simplify the choices users face when selecting a context to manage multiple projects. This will also allow us to remove the older Project Collections feature, reducing the burden of maintaining similar functionality in multiple places.  For additional information, click here
      • The Global Admin app is now improved to manage companies, users, user groups, and permission sets all in one central location. See the What's New: Features by Release for a highlight video and all other feature enhancements.


      Primavera P6 EPPM 

      • User Login Report - With the User Login report you are able to see who has been logged into the P6 application. It will show you their user information and pertinent information to their user session. The time period can be changed in the user login information settings in application settings.
      • Browse the New Features or use the Cumulative Feature Overview for a list of changes between releases. 
      • Need to log into multiple P6 tenants on different versions? You can Install Multiple Versions Of P6 Professional (P6 PPM) On Same Machine, Doc ID 2393983.1
      • Primavera P6 Information Center, Doc ID 1353831.2.


      Primavera Unifier


      Administration - enables you to administer P6 EPPM, P6 Professional, Primavera Unifier, Primavera Gateway, and Primavera Analytics on the cloud. You can create users, assign application access, and administer reporting. Browse the Cumulative Feature Overview for a list of changes between releases. 



      • Aconex US1 has moved to new infrastructure
      • We moved the US1 Aconex instance to new infrastructure to benefit from upgraded, more flexible technology.  For more info about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure visit, click here
      • As part of moving the US1 Aconex instance, US1 Mail uses a new email delivery service.  Read more
      • Releases 20.03.100 and 20.04.100 have lots of great new features.
        • 20.04.100
          • Org Admins can edit the majority of secured assets assigned to the Org Admin role without the need to contact Service Desk
          • Upload photos of up to 14 MB using Field web interface - more freedom to capture higher resolution images.
          • Access models on the go with Oracle Aconex Mobile.
        • 20.03.100
          • Configure mail types to control the mail status in Mail
          • Prevent external emails from triggering a ‘Responded’ status against an Aconex mail
          • Optimized search with a new interface in Documents
          • Extract comments in Viewer, new framework in Reports, enhancements in Cost and more.



      Take advantage of the Oracle Learning Path for training on our products.  Access to learning paths is available for everyone at no cost. Informative course content for users, from beginners to advanced. Helpful information such as “tricks and tips” courses.  Learning paths allow course enrollment, pause and pick up where you left off.  Click on the Oracle Learning Library link and then type "Primavera" in the search box.


      GBUCS Maintenance Schedule and Release Dates 

      • Construction and Engineering Global Business Unit Cloud Quarterly and Monthly Maintenance Schedule for GBUCS, see Doc ID 1991668.1. (Login required.)  This document describes the Cloud Maintenance schedule and down time for customers hosted on GBUCS and does not apply to OCI-customers.
      • 2020 Quarterly Core Maintenance for Groups 1, 2, and 3 is scheduled for June 6, 2020, and effects all customers. 
      • 2020 Monthly Core Maintenance for Group 3 is scheduled for May 16, 2020. 

      • Weekly Patch Set, Doc ID 2454199.1. (Login required.)
        • Pro Tip: Check your Welcome Letter in the section titled “Basic Account Information”. NOTE:  Maintenance is only for GBUCS not OCI environments.  Any questions?  Please contact your CSM.
      • Primavera Cloud Products (P6, Unifier, Gateway, Analytics) Release Dates in GBUCS and OCI, Doc ID 2630163.1


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