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    EBS 12.2 temporary files location

    Alexander Pavlik



      I'm using EBS 12.2.9.

      Recently couple of my concurrent requests failed. During investigation I found out that they were tried to refer to the *.tmp files in non existing directories:





      So in the end E.tmp was created under /usr/tmp. Both out and log were written in it and got mixed up.


      Another interesting thing that after the same concurrent requests are resubmitted, they used tmp files under the expected directory:





      Here's the instance settings:


      utl_file_dir:      /usr/tmp, /u01/install/APPS/12.1.0/appsutil/outbound/EBSDB_apps

      $APPLPTMP     /usr/tmp


      Please tell if anyone know: are those additional directories and file E.tmp were introduced in some EBS patch?

      Is it documented anywhere?


      Thank you,