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    Hyperion issues with multiple network cards -


      We have a new installation of for Hyperion (HFM, Planning, Essbase, DRM, HFR and FDMEE).  It's been working great up till Go Live.  When the infrastructure team wants to add a 2nd NIC to the servers to be used for backups and monitoring Hyperion immediate stops working.  I believe the issue is that the Hyperion software/system is trying to talk on the 2nd NIC instead of the original.  The 2nd NIC does not allow for inter-server communication in this distributed environment.  We immediately set the binding order of the NICs to make sure the original card was the primary and the other was 2nd.  Restarted windows (2012 R2) and then started services back up but still that did not help.  We even tried re configuring all the "Deploy to Application Server" for all the items.  Still nothing. 


      Does anyone have any suggestions?  This worked fine in our old PRod environment which was installed on Windows 2008 R2. same NIC configuration.  As of now we have the 2nd NIC disabled in order for the apps to work BUT that means no backups!  We can't have that!



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