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    Concurrent programs request set does not complete


      EBS 12.2.9





      Hi ALL,


      We have weird issue in our concurrent programs request set.

      We have two instances  CRP and UAT.


      We tested request sets in CRP and it completed successully.

      But when we run it in UAT, after the first program in the request set is completed, the second program is not executed or it stays pending.

      It seems the parent program (with status running/paused)  is abandoning the succeeding child request?

      We check it in the standard manager and you can see it that the 2nd request  is pending.


      This is true also with the other request sets in UAT instance.

      Is this a setup issue? Why is this not happening in CRP instance?

      How do we compare the difference with CRP vs UAT?


      Our work around is to manually run the 2nd child program at standalone.



      Sample Request set are below:  Delete Mass Additions

      Only step 1 (Mass Additions Delete Report) is completed, but the next  step2 (Mass Additions Delete)  stays pending forever



      Please help.....



      Kind regards,