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    ORDS Deprecation of URI Template Syntax and Source Type Query




      We have migrated to Oracle ATP and use ORDS 19.4.4.r1141312. Our existing services work fine, but I noticed a couple of things in documentation that could cause us issues in future:


      1. In 19.1 Release Notes https://www.oracle.com/application-development/technologies/rest-data-services/ords-v191-relnotes.html found:

      Deprecation of URI Template Syntax for ORDS Based REST Services

      Support for defining ORDS based REST Services using the original URI Template syntax (as used in APEX based REST Services) will be removed in ORDS 19.4.0. Customers are strongly encouraged to modify Resource Module definitions to use the more robust and expressive

      Does this mean that calling the service using .../?param1=test&param2=test will no longer work?

      If so, when will it stop working?


      2. In the UI, it shows the Source Type 'Query' option as deprecated. Seems to leave only those returning JSON, e.g. Collection Query and PL./SQL

      Will Query be removed and if so, when?

      Most of our services use 'Query' and return CSV data