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    REP-56048: Engine rwEng-0 crashed



      i have a problem with one of the report on my server

      each time the customer try to run the report it crash because it is large report

      how can i fix that and let the server respond to a big report ?


      the JVM Opiton is

      -Xmx1024m -Xms1024m -Xss1024K

      should i increase it? or there is something else i can add ?


      this is the other setting from the orcale enterprise manager 10g


      Initial Engines (initEngine): 2

      Maximum Engines (maxEngine): 5           

      Minimum Engines (minEngine): 1       

      Maximum Jobs Before Shutdown (engLife)    : 50   

      Maximum Idle Before Shutdown (maxIdle) (minutes) : 30


      Cache Size (MB) : 102400

      Trace Options : none

      Maximum Queue Size: 1000

      Trace Mode: trace_replace