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    What do I need to buy to move to Dyn nameserver


      Hi. Sorry if I'm being stupid but I'm new to this.


      I have an existing domain hosted with some hosting company and I need to point it to a web server in my house and I have a dynamic IP. I have a DynDNS account already and have set it up so it correctly routes to my IP and updates automatically.


      However, the hosting company does not support a CNAME DNS record with the right extension that I need and they told me I need to move my DNS nameserver to someone else.


      I have seen the article on how to do that on here, but I do not have any zone level services on my account so do not have the server name, do I need to buy something else to do this?


      Once I do that will I have be able to set up a CNAME record on Dyn's website that points to my DynDNS hostname?


      Thanks a lot for any help.