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    RFID - Vehicle identification

      Hi all,
      Firstly, I am not a developer and my detailed knowledge is small although I have access to a development team.

      I am leading a project to identify vehicles using passsive RFID tags and a Frieg reader.
      Whilst we are comfortable with the technology and principle of passing read data to our main Oracle 9.2.4 database we are unable to figure a way for these read events to prompt a JDE OneWorld Xe application to pick up that data without a user prompting it too. Ideally the read event would trigger the population of the vehicle identity data into the OneWorld application and kick off the application processes with the ulimate aim of automating that process.
      Digging around in the Oracle knowledge base I have seen reference to a PL/ SQL callback routine - would this be the way?
      If anyone had a similar experience and managed to over come it I would gratefully appreciate your sharing it with me,

      Many thanks in anticipation,

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          Try http://www.ianywhere.com/
          You can register your free user account and the RFID Middleware allows for simulations as well as connection to any RFID readers, such as Symbol, Aliens, etc.
          If you are using Symbol RFID Readers, you can download SDK from http://www.symbol.com
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            I'm not 100% sure what your question is.

            SES can start PL/SQL commands from eventflow egninee based on predefined RFID reads. Does this solve your problem?

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              Ok, a bit more info....
              EPC reads from 100+ geographically separate readers connected by WAN to the central database be asynchronous and users at these locations have access to the OneWorld application via a CITRIX farm.The read EPC can be sent and stored on the database by the reader software with no problem but we want to avoid continuously scanning the database for changes as >50% of the time there will be no change.
              When we have previously relied upon the native database change notification functionality it has let us down i.e. failed.
              By direct user request we can retrieve the stored EPC for use by the JDE application but this isn't automation!
              Ideally the database would prompt the JDE application when a new EPC record was passed to it by a reader and cause the application to initiate its own functionality.

              In the meantime I'll go check up on SES and event engines!