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    OUD 12C oud-proxy-setup for EUS


      I am creating a new OUD 12c Proxy instance for Enterprise User Security (EUS). I am using the oud-proxy-setup GUI to create the instance. It creates the instance and and tries to create LDAP extension and fails with the following error message:


      # Creating backend server "myserver.com:389" configuration - step 1

      ## /u01/config/OUD_INST2/bin/dsconfig create-extension --type ldap-server --extension-name proxy1 --set enabled:true --set remote-ldap-server-address:myserver.com:389 --set remote-ldap-server-port:389 --hostname myserver.com:389 --port 5444 --portProtocol LDAP --bindDN cn=Directory\ Manager --bindPasswordFile ****** --trustAll --no-prompt

      Unable to connect to the server at myserver.com:389 on port 5444. In

      non-interactive mode, if the trustStore related parameters are not used, you

      must use the '--trustAll' option for remote connections



      ## Operation failed !


      Please provide suggestions if anyone faced similar problem.




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          Bhanuchandar Bobbili

          Mistake in you command is --hostname myserver.com:389. It must be the correct host-name where OUD is installed. 389 is not required.


          Here's a sample working command:

          ./dsconfig --hostname oud.abc.com --port 5444 --bindDN "cn=Directory Manager" --bindPasswordFile /apps/passwordfile.txt --trustAll --no-prompt create-extension --set enabled:true --type ldap-server --extension-name LDAPExtunionB --set remote-ldap-server-address:remoteserverhostname --set remote-ldap-server-port:389


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