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    already submitted case.       Case: 01216275 DynDNS billing - Mode of Payments to convert from Monthly to Annually  Attempts to contact support left many messages, no one is getting back to me.  Can someone please get back to me?


      Our services have been changed from an annual bill to a monthly bill.  We have attempted to contact DynDNS several times over the last month.  Left several voice messages and even attempted to contact Other Oracle support services who in turn attempted to contact DYNDNS support or customer service as well.  We have not been contacted back and all efforts have been to no avail.  Though the site let's you choose an annual option in the renewal page, it will not process anymore that 1 month at a time.  Could someone kindly please respond as to how we can communicate with ANYONE at DYNDNS to accomplish this.  Do I need to securely pass on to you my contact number?  Is there another number that can be used to reach someone to accomplish this?  Please let me know?